Gardening on the Brandon Estate

Come & Join us any Saturday @ 11:00 am

Welcome to the Brandon estate gardening group. We are a collective of estate residents who have actively decided to get involved with planting and maintaining the plants, shrubs and herbs that are growing in the 22 raised bed planters on the estate.

We would really like to involve as many residents as possible, to come and spend a bit of time investing in the upkeep of the planting scheme, and also as a social activity to get to know some of your fellow residents. All are welcome to come and join us, and we are meeting weekly every Saturday at 11:00am, just by the Henry Moore statue.

The planters were originally put in place by Southwark council to surround and protect the Henry Moore statue – ‘Reclining Figure No. 3’ which was placed on the estate shortly after it was built. The planters are located in three groupings, 7 planters containing herbs and edible vegetables, located adjacent to Cruden House, 8 planters containing perennial shrubs and olive trees, running from the Cruden garages, along the path towards the shopping precinct, and 7 planters, containing  perennial plants and shrubs, running from Cornish House to Bateman House.

In Autumn 2017 Southwark council awarded the estate a grant to have a landscape gardener design a planting scheme, and the plants were put in place in late 2017. A group of residents decided to get involved with helping with the planting, and have taken on the responsibility of watering, weeding, and maintaining the plants.

In the planters at the base of Cruden House, we currently have a variety of herbs, sage, rosemary, bay leaves, thyme, lemon thyme, and also some edible vegetables, tomatoes, chilli peppers, courgettes, sweet peas, sweetcorn, growing, and the intention is that these be available to residents and members of the gardening group.

We have access to water and hosepipes at the base of Cornish, Cruden and Brawne houses, and in this hot weather we really need to water the planters about three times a week. It is actually quite therapeutic, and in the sunny weather quite a nice way to relax and de-stress, after a long day at work.

To find out more about the gardening group, and how you can get involved, please drop us a line at the email address below: brandongardeningclub@gmail.com

Everyone Is Welcome!

Contact: brandongardeningclub@gmail.com




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